Cardio or Not To Cardio



Cardio is an activity that involves a series of muscle engaging activities. It uses up a lot of energy helping a person burn calories in their body. Cardio helps in blood circulation because it helps the blood flow efficiently around the body in order to supply every part of the body with oxygen. One needs to be disciplined to execute cardio effectively because it tends to take up a lot of energy that leaves a person exhausted. It engages a lot of muscle activity that leave the muscles lean and strong hence stretching is advisable to prevent muscle cramping. It helps in keeping the body fit and healthy because it eliminates toxins and excess weight that is harmful to the blood vessels and heart.

Cardio tones up a person’s muscles improving their physique and appearance. This boosts an individual’s self-esteem improving the quality of their life. It facilitates for weight loss and improves the efficiency of the respiratory system. Doing cardio requires a lot of energy hence many people tend to take a lot of water or energy drinks. If a person has heart complications it is advisable to take it easy on the cardio. Respiratory complications also need to be considered before doing cardio because a person needs to be careful not to strain their muscles too much. It causes a lot of sweating hence one should wear light attire that is comfortable. This helps to counter the heat caused during cardio which causes a lot of sweat. Carrying a towel during cardio is also hygienic to prevent a person from sweating all over the place. It makes the body stronger making the body endure various activities which improves a person’s physical endurance. Continue reading

Strength Training For Fitness

Strength training for fitness is helpful to a person who wishes to build muscle in order to eliminate the excess fast in their body with the help of the muscles. It is a combination of various activities such as:

  • Skipping which involves the use of a rope that helps a person move up and down while exercising. This activity is an efficient way of strength training because it helps a person burn calories quickly and strengthens their muscles especially around the legs and hips.
  • Jogging; this is a fun way of strength training because it gives a person a chance to be active during their routine. A person can have company while jogging which makes it more enjoyable hence increasing its efficiency.
  • Bike riding: it is a good way of strength straining because it can be done in groups. It enables a person to train easily because it is a fun activity many enjoy doing because it helps a person access various areas while they are training.
  • Weight lifting: this is an activity in strength training that builds muscle which is a key part of strength training. Muscle helps a person have more energy to burn calories and stay fit.
  • Swimming; it is one of the most efficient ways of keeping fit. It helps a person exercise every part of the body helping them execute their training thoroughly.

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How a Double Stroller Helps Single Fathers Who Need to Work Hard

How a Double Stroller Helps Single Fathers Who Need to Work HardWe always talk about single mothers who have a hard time doing their job and take care of their baby at the same time. However, we don’t give attention to single fathers who are also going through the same struggles. I understand how it is to be a single father because I am one. It was a difficult challenge right from the start. However, I saw this as an opportunity to be loved by my baby even more.

I decided to drop my full time job at the office when I realized that I will be the one raising my child. I could have just hired a nanny, but I believe being there for my baby at all times is a much better option. He is already deprived of a chance to have a mother. I don’t want him to feel like he has no parent at all. I have also seen just how distance these kids are to their parent as they start growing up in movies. I don’t want this to happen to me. The good thing is that my job as a computer engineer allowed me to work even at home. I don’t have to go to an actual office just to get the job done.

Working at home allowed me to manage my own time. I can start my day by bathing and feeding the baby. After some time, I let my baby sleep and I can start working on my computer. This might take about 4 to 5 hours. I have accomplished a lot by then. We will then have lunch together then we stroll around the park or walk around the nearest store. If not, I clean up the house while letting the baby play on the crib. At night, when the baby is asleep, I go back to work again. I can still work for at least 8 hours a day with this setup.

The best partner

I don’t have anyone to help me in this endeavor. The good thing is that I can now use a double stroller. When we are at home, things are easy. The moment we move to another place, then the problems kick in. Using the double stroller, I can now move around with the baby easily. I won’t feel tired since I am just pushing the stroller. There is also enough space for both the baby and our bags. I can spend more quality time and activities with my baby with the help of this stroller. I can also run errands without worrying about the comfort of my baby.

If you experience the same problem as me, you better start reading double stroller reviews and guides now. With the best double strollers recommendations coming from those who have bought these strollers before, you can make a great decision on which one to take home. With this best partner you can have, being a single parent won’t be that difficult anymore.

Setting Up a Perfect Place for a Weekend Movie Marathon

Setting Up a Perfect Place for a Weekend Movie MarathonYou should not let a week go by without doing anything special with your family. For us, we make sure that our weekends are intended for movie marathon. This has been a family tradition for a long time. We always see to it that we stop everything that we do when it is time for a movie marathon. We also cancel all other plans just to make it happen. It is not necessarily for the movies, but for the time that we can bond as a family.

In fact, we already have a mini theater at home. This is where we gather as a huge family and watch the movies we have voted for.

A huge screen

Back then when we were not yet well off, we only have a small television. Now, we have saved money to afford a bigger screen. This allows us to feel like we are really in a cinema and not at home. The big screen might have cost us a lot, but we never regretted buying one at all.

Digital surround sound

This is also something that we have invested on. We made sure that the sounds are just like the way it is in cinemas. We love hearing these sound effects and we don’t want to miss a scene and not hear the accurate sound. We also built a noise proof room so that we won’t hear what is happening outside and disturb our movie marathon. Of course, we make sure that someone looks after our security when we are all inside.

A clean carpet

Though we try to make our mini theater at home look like the real theater, we still try to make it as homey as possible. This is why we didn’t invest on chairs that are like the ones in the cinema. We still use comfortable chairs and bean bags. Some others even sit on the floor. We have used a beautiful carpet though. To maintain it, we have also started choosing the best home carpet cleaner. There are kids watching with us so we don’t want them to have allergic reactions when sitting on a dirty carpet. In choosing the best steam mop, we have considered the price, quality and durability of the product. We know that it is another expense on our part, but it is something that we can use over a long time.

A snack bar

Of course, this movie marathon won’t be complete without a snack bar. In fact, some kids are just there to eat and not really to watch. We have a variety of foods to choose from. We also make sure that there are healthy choices. This is where we are different from regular movie houses. We don’t serve chips, sodas and unhealthy food. We have already told the kids that we can spend as much time as we want watching movies, but we should only have healthy snacks. We even spend the whole day preparing for the food during the movie marathon.

These are all the perfect ingredients for a great weekend movie night.

Trouble at the Gym

We were at the gym yesterday. I was there with my best friends (Sam) and her son (Lauren). I think it was ninety-five degrees or something like that. I was hot in the gym. The air conditioning must have been broken. We brought water though but that did not seem to help as much this time around.

The heat really affected my workout We to make more frequent stops to the water fountain to keep refilling our water. The humidity was the worst part. The air was hot and sticky. It was hard to breathe at times. We determined to push through and finish the workout.   

After an hour inside, I started to notice that Sam was moving very slowly. I just thought she was tired from a long work day. I asked if she was okay and needed some water. She took some water and kept walking slowly and breathing very heavily. I suspected that she was dehydrated but I thought the water would fix that. So we kept working out. That was a mistake.

Fifteen minutes later, Sam said she felt light headed and needed to sit down. We decided to take a break and look for the nearest lodge to get Sam some water. All of a sudden, Sam faints and falls to the ground. Lauren catches her before she hits her head on the ground and lays him down on the sidewalk. Lauren is a nurse and has worked emergency room for years. According to Nurse Frontier, she makes good money saving people’s lives on a daily basis. She was part of those RN to MSN programs and got her degree.

Lauren is certified in basic life support and performed a number of treatments (one of them being CPR) on Sam until she was conscious again. Once Lauren was conscious, we took a taxi to the hospital and checked her into the emergency room for a couple hours. As we suspected, she was very dehydrated.  

The nurses got fluids back into his system and got her to eat some food. Sam felt much better by night time so we decided to check out and avoid a huge hospital bill. I swear the hospital is the most expensive hotel in the country. I am sure that hospital visit is going to cost Sam at least $300. She can afford it, though. Her husband is also a doctor and she a management consultant. Plus, life has no cost in my opinion.

There a couple takeaways for this experience though. First of all, make you and everyone around you is properly hydrated at all times when you are out in hot and humid weather. Your body will sweat profusely to stay warm so you need to replace that excess water your body is shedding.

Second, be close to someone who is certified in CPR and other emergency treatments. Ideally, someone who works in a hospital or in emergency medical services. They prove to be quite useful in situations like Sam’s. Third, have cell phone reception so you can call the ambulance just in case you need help right away. This is a no brainer and can be difference between someone living and dying. Follow these tips and hopefully what happened to me to will never happen to you.

Release Stress by Doing Household Chores

stress 1Stress might not be fatal in the eyes of many people, but it has actually caused more deaths than many of us are aware of. There are a lot of diseases that are stress-related. You don’t die directly because of stress, but it can be aggravated when you are stressed out. Your organs fail to work properly and your mind cannot think clearly. As a result, your body weakens and it causes a lot of problems. Therefore, if you have the chance, you need to destress. Take some time off to relax and not let problems affect you.

Enjoy a “staycation”

The idea of doing a staycation is now getting more popular. This is where people use their time off from work not have a vacation, but just stay at home. They don’t go anywhere else, but get the same level of excitement. You can also do the same thing. You can just spend your time at home to sleep and not think about any other problem.

Better yet, you can spend it cleaning up your house. You might think that this is still work, but this relaxes you.

The advantages of cleaning your house

To begin with, cleaning your house is a task that won’t waste your time. You know that you are still doing something productive. When you start cleaning, you are focused only on the task at hand. How do you remove the stains on the floor? How do you rearrange the living room? What should you throw away to minimize clutter? As soon as you answer these questions, then your mind is taken off things that cause stress. You only think about how to solve the simple problem you have at hand.

Another advantage is that you feel more satisfied and content of yourself and what you have. Sometimes, when you have a lot of things in mind, you forget to be thankful for the things that you have. You don’t realize that you still have a roof over your head when many other people don’t. You think about your capacity to still clean up your house when other people can no longer walk and do simple tasks. Most of all, you will feel satisfied that you have managed to transform the look of your house on your own.

Start moving

Given all the advantages of cleaning your house, it is now time to get moving. You can look for the best steam mop online. You can also read top steam mop reviews so you will know the right model to buy. If you are the type who hates cleaning, then you can start with the floor. It won’t take time to clean up if you use the best steam mop.

Before you know it, you have already moved to more difficult tasks at home. You also start to forget about things that have caused stress. You might even laugh at yourself since you can no longer remember why you were much stressed in the first place. As long as you have found the right strategy to release stress, then it is good for your health.

Taking a Shower Before You Sleep is a Healthy Thing to Do

Taking a Shower Before You Sleep is a Healthy Thing to DoWhen you were younger, you might have been told by your parents not to take a shower before sleeping, especially when you have wet hair. You might get sick in doing it. The truth is that there are a lot of benefits in taking a shower before you sleep. This article will debunk all the myths associated with bathing before sleeping.

You will be clean before hitting the bed

Imagine the kind of bacteria that have stuck to your body the entire day if you don’t take a shower before you sleep. You might get diseases or infections if they are not thoroughly cleaned. This is also the reason why people, especially teenagers, grow a lot of pimples. The face is open to all sorts of dirt and bacteria. If it is not thoroughly cleaned at night, the possibility of getting pimples is really high.

You will feel more relaxed

If you have a problem sleeping at night, it could be because of your active lifestyle. You are used to doing a lot of things. You wanted to move all the time. When it is time to rest, your body cannot adjust easily. If you take a shower before sleeping, your body will be more relaxed. Your muscles will also relax. Blood flow will be better. As a result, sleeping won’t be a problem for you. When you wake up the next day, you will also feel more refreshed.

Bathing releases stress

When you are stressed during the day for different reasons, you can’t carry the problem up until you sleep. It is best if you let it all out. If you can’t find someone to talk to, the best thing to do is to hit the shower. As soon as you feel the droplets of water on your head and on your back, it makes you feel relaxed. You will start to forget what causes your stress. You will also feel like your body is being massaged. Of course, this also depends on the type of shower you use. If you want the best shower head, check out this list. You can find one that allows your body to be more relaxed.

A few tips

Sit for a while first before you take a bath if you have just finished working out or walking long distances. You need to allow your body to be relaxed. If you want to have your hair dried before you hit the bed, then you need to take a shower at least 3 hours before sleeping. You can also use a blower to dry your hair faster. Finally, you need to get the best shower head that will make you feel relaxed. Check out the best shower head reviews if you have no idea on what type of shower to buy.

Now that you have learned about the benefits of bathing before you sleep, you need to do it regularly. You have nothing to be afraid of.

How To Lean Out In Less Than 30 Days

Fruit Pikovice-1

Let’s face it; most of us are impatient people living in an impatient world. When we want something, we want it right away, and that includes matters related to diet and fitness. We all want to get lean and fit, and we want to get there instantaneously. Obviously, that’s impossible, but if you want to get lean in 30 days or less, it’s going to take a commitment to both proper diet and exercise, and here is how it can be done.

The first step is maintaining a proper diet that will both complement your work out schedule and help you to burn fat. The biggest key from a dietary standpoint is protein; depending on your starting weight, you should be aiming for about 200 grams of protein per day, although you can add to that if you need to consume more food to keep up with your exercise. Protein shakes are a great way to add protein to your diet while also keeping yourself from feeling hungry. Egg whites are another great option, as they’re pure protein and contain no fat, while also being quick and easy to prepare. Continue reading

Staying Fit For Competitive Shooting

Competitive shooting, just like any other sport, demands a certain level of athletic and mental ability. It requires optimizing both your muscles and brain function in order to be successful. Like other forms of exercise, they tire after prolonged use. So, there are key exercises that will help condition you for the mental and physical aspects that shooting requires. If you shoot as a hobby, chances are you won’t experience the same symptoms that come with the physical and mental rigors of someone who shoots competitively or as a serious practice. Anyone who shoots on a regular basis or attends a professional shooting school will tell you different – it’s a die-hard sport.

Most people get sore whenever they’re starting a new activity, regardless how fit they are. Students frequently feel soreness in their arms, shoulders, and backs just from manipulating their firearms. This is somewhat worse for shotgun, rifle, and carbine shooters because of the length and weight of their gun, or perhaps their heavier assault rifle scopes & optics like these seen here: However, no matter the class, specific firearm, or even the best rifle scopes, it’s the legs that basically tire or get stiff from simply standing the better part of the day.

Physical Exercise and Cardio

Primarily, any physical exercises you can perform to strengthen the upper body, along with your grip, will ultimately benefit you. Cardio training is a good idea as well, particularly if you’re participating in a 3-gun or combat pistol match where negotiating obstacles and constant running are a part of the process. Cardio training is effective in keeping your heart rate lower and controlling your breathing better. Also, an optimal heart rate helps a shooter focus better since oxygen flow is smoother and therefore lessens any disturbances to shoot.

Just like other sports, there are certain exercises that will specifically target key muscles to help you perform and shoot better. An ideal exercise for shooting is called ‘dry fire’. Not only does it target the actual muscles used while shooting, it helps to enhance your skills at pulling the trigger without disturbing the actual sight picture. This is the fundamental basis to accurate shooting.  Check out the video below for some great tips.

Dry Fire

If you are able to perform at least 20 minutes of dry fire every other day from typical shooting positions using either a pistol or rifle, you will start to see improvement. The improvement will be in your sight alignment as well as your skill to control the trigger. After around three weeks, you’ll notice your arms, hands, and back aren’t as tired as they were at the start of your training. All experienced firearm instructors are advocates of dry fire. It is literally the single best activity you can do to enhance your shooting skills. Agreed, it’s not 100% enjoyable, but it will indeed prepare both your body and mind to shoot at a pro level. Combined with cardio training and a few typical upper-body exercises, it’s the prime solution for getting into good shape for competitive shooting.

Stress and Shooting

Learning to control your stress is important for shooting. Any stress you feel is literally transmitted to your neck and back muscles and will inevitable affect how well you shoot. It can even manifest as tremors or shakes. Therefore, you need to learn how to effectively clear your mind and just relax – not just mentally, but throughout your entire body. A relaxed shooter is not only more focused, but safer as well.

Kayaking: A Great Way To Stay In Shape


Kayaking is an excellent way to get exercise while enjoying the great outdoors. It develops endurance, strength, balance and flexibility as well as being a good cardiovascular workout. Paddling for exercise and paddling for fun are two different things. To get the benefit of intense exercise, you need to maintain a good speed for a set period of time. Many kayaking experts say it’s a good idea to start some strength training to supplement your kayaking exercises.

Strength training builds muscle, so you have more power in your strokes. It also helps build endurance, so you can paddle longer and go farther. With strength training you’ll also develop muscle coordination. Once you learn which muscles you use for different strokes, you can consciously use those muscles because of better muscle coordination. Twin Kayaks like these are a lot of fun especially for long trips. With two people doing the job, you get your exercise and a well-deserved rest.

Yoga is also recommended for kayakers. It helps prevent lower back pain and fatigue. It’s important to get proper instructions from a teacher or a DVD. Pilates develop core body strength. They’ll help you keep control of your kayak and also strengthen your back, which is important if you plan to kayak on the sea and encounter rough waves.

Along with upper body strength, your legs also get strengthened as you apply pressure when you propel your kayak forward. Kayaking is also an excellent aerobic exercise because it keeps the heart rate elevated for extended period of time. Women have another reward. When you increase your lean muscle growth in the upper body, the breasts will not sag. In fact, people who live near a lake, river or the sea, should look into kayaking as an outdoor sport and family entertainment. A strong body and good health are added bonuses.

Kayaking is great for traveling over water to see the sights such as sea fowl, fish and to get a different perspective of the land, but it is also a great way to go fishing. The Best Fishing Kayaks are specifically manufactured for angling. If you are looking for a kayak just for fun and exercise, a fishing kayak may not be the best choice. For spending a relaxing time on the water, there’s nothing like fishing kayaks. They come in tandem and singles and are perfect for getting you to the secluded spots where larger boats can’t go.

The two main types of fishing kayaks are sit-in and sit-on. The sit-in model is recommended for long trips and the sit-on gives more mobility but less storage area than the sit-in. It is also suitable for standing, if you are after bigger fish. Tandem fishing kayaks are usually sit-on types, so one person can sit while the other one stands. Both parties standing tends to make the kayak unstable.

If you’re looking to lose weight, have stronger muscles and better coordination as well as a healthy heart, you can’t miss with kayaking.

Great Low Maintenance Hairstyles While Working Out

With summer right around the corner, many women are putting hours in at the gym to get their best beach body possible. The only problem is that hair becomes a big deal. You rather not bother with it, but you still want to look cute while working out. A few nice, low-maintenance styles are all you need to add confidence to your routine and relieve some stress associated with your appearance. Below, are a few hand-picked styles by experts along with how you can make it yours. You can visit Well + Good for even more ideas that include pictures.  The folks over at also do a great job providing very good reviews around all different hair products that can keep your hair in place while working out.  They typically specialize in the best curling wand reviews, but they cover a host of other great ideas to keep your hair in one place while staying fit.

Swingy Ponytail


Pull your hair back into a tight ponytail at your crown and fix it with a clear band.


Curl three inches of the bottom of your ponytail with a large-barrel iron.


To make sure your hair stays where you want it, rub styling lotion through your hair from your hairline all the way down to the end of the ponytail.


This hairstyle doesn’t work too well with oily hair. If your hair is oily, you may need to switch shampoos.


Cornrows are easy, lovely, and require minimal maintenance.


Part your hair to the left and start braiding down the right side of the part along your hairline.


Add pieces of hair from both sides as you go down, but pull them underneath the braid to create and inside-out look.


You can either choose to braid all the way down to the ends, or you can opt to stop braiding once you reach your ears and allow the rest of your hair to poof out. If you chose to continue braiding, secure the ends with a rubber-band.

The Top-Knot

This style is great for keeping all of your hair out of your face while you workout.


Brush and pull all of your hair including your bangs to the top of your head.


Once all your hair is pulled up, twist and secure it at the top with an elastic or twist-band.


This style is great for when you’re rushing out the door because it can be done in just a couple of minutes.

Ballerina Bun


Pull your hair into a high and tight ponytail and twist it to create a bun, but leave out a peace of hair.


Use that piece of hair to wrap the outside of the bun and then secure it with a pin.


Apply hairspray to keep things orderly.

Long French-Braid with Headband

A long French-braid is simple and cute.


Brush your hair and then separate it into three equal sections.


Tightly pull the left section over the middle section and then tightly pull the right section over the middle section.


Continue that pattern all the way down to the end. Braid the remaining hair normally.


Tie the bottom of the braid with a hair tie.

You now know five of the best low-maintenance hairstyles for working out. For additional tips around